1. What is it used for?

  2. Customize the Design

  3. Done!

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- Connect with Stripe and Select Currency

- Manage Coupons

- Enrollment Options

Make sure you watch this Registration How-to Video and see how the registration webpage works.

What is it used for?

The design of your registration webpage creates the look and feel of your organizations and programs online and you have all the tools you need to customize it. Starting with the logo, brand color, and all contact information to have your brand stand out to your clients.

Customize the Design

You are free to customize the design of your registration webpagemake sure to save you decision at the bottom of the settings options.

When clicking on the color palette icon, you will see the following options as you scroll down:

  • Website Logo - Choice between Default Account Logo or Customized Logo

  • Brand Color 
    Choose a color from the color palette and make sure it passed the accessibility checker so it looks good on your registration webpage.

  • Program Page Structure
    Decide if to enable these options to customize the look of each program on your webpage.

  • Business Website, Contact Email Address, and Contact Mobile Phone
    Fill in the relevant details so your clients are directed to the right contact if needed.

You did it! You created beautiful design for your registration webpage!

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