1. What is it used for?

  2. Connect with Stripe and Select Currency

  3. Done!

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- Manage Coupons

- Enrollment Options

- Customize the Design

Make sure you watch this Registration How-to Video and see how the registration webpage works.

What is it used for?

Connecting your registration webpage with Stripe is the first step to opening up your programs for registration. After doing so, all of the functionalities of your registration webpage are available and ready to be used. Adjusting the relevant currency is another step for preparing the registration webpage for your clients to use.

Connect with Stripe and Select Currency

To activate your registration webpage, the first thing you'll need to do is connect it either to an existing Stripe account or create a Stripe account for this.

When clicking the settings icon, you will see the following options:

Please follow the steps to connect your Stripe account (and if needed, create a new Stripe account), and select your relevant currency.

You did it! You started the first step for an amazing registration webpage! 

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