1. What is it used for?

  2. How to do it?

  3. Done!

What is it used for?

Sharing files for activities with your staff members can be now done easily directly through the virtual classrooms.

Instead of sending the files and directing your instructors to upload them one by one onto the classroom, an admin can share them all directly to their specific room.

How to do it?

First, you need to create a session and assign all the relevant staff members you would like to share these specific resources.

  • Under your program, add a new session (called 'General Resources', for example)

  • When creating it (or later in the settings), assign the relevant staff members

    Important: These staff members need to access the room of this session at least once 

           For example, hold a staff meeting, activity, personal conversations (one-on-one), or any other activity you have in mind. There needs to be at least one meeting added to this session so it appears in the schedule.

Then, use this room (called 'General Resources', for example) to upload your resources in the files library.

Finally, the instructors' access for resources becomes so easy! 

  • When joining the room for class, direct the instructors to the files library in the virtual room with the students


  • Click on 'courses' and select the name of the room the resources were uploaded to ('General Resources', for example).


You did it! Now all the files used for classes can be shared easily with your staff!