R E L E A S E   N O T E S
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?  New

Auto reminders for sessions & meetings - For each session, you can now set auto-reminders before the session, after it ends, and before each meeting. You'll find this in the session's settings and can use your email templates to send beautifully designed emails.

Auto meeting reminders for instructors - Instructors will now get a personal email reminder 30 min before every meeting they are assigned to. Their personal instructor's link to join the meeting as hosts will be available for them in the email for easy access.

Issue payments from the back office - As admins, you can now issue new payments manually for each of the participants' enrollments.

View payment receipts from the back office - You can now view the receipts of any payments issued from the participant's card.

Send a personal message to a participant - Quickly send personal messages to participants or a quick personal access link reminder email directly from the participant card.

Send a message to a bulk of participants from the 'Participants' screen - Quickly send messages to participants by selecting them from the 'Participants' screen and clicking on 'Message'.

New flow for users joining a meeting - In order to eliminate any technical issues while joining a meeting, we have implemented an improved flow for participants. Participants will be directed to a quick device test when they join a program for the first time.

?  Fixes

Enrollment & revenue report - Fixes were made to the report layout, participant card (editing it from within the report), export, analytics charts, display columns.

? Improvements

Same session validation - Participants can now be enrolled only once for a certain session.

Add description when creating a new program - You will now be asked to add the program description for the registration webpage as another step of creating a program.

Enrollment timestamp - Added enrollment time in addition to the date.

Meetings time zone indication - We now present the account's time zone in the session's meetings screen.

Shortcut to session from the participant's card - You can now navigate to the session directly from the participants' enrollment card.

Devices check link added to the confirmation email - Clients are now suggested to check their device compatibility immediately after completing the enrollment process from the registration webpage.

Custom fields merge-tags in emails - The participants' custom fields are now added as merge tags which you can use while sending a message to your participants.