1. What is a preview meeting?

  2. Structure of a preview meeting (suggested)

  3. Good luck in your program!

What is a preview meeting?

We recommend having a short meeting with the staff members and the participants in the program to get them comfortable with the virtual room environment. This would also help to solve any technical issues there might be on the other end.

Add an additional activity day or a meeting to your program to enable the participants to try accessing their personal link and the staff to access through the live schedule.

The structure of the preview meeting can be changed and adjusted according to your program and the features that you want your participants to learn.

Feel free to reach us with any question or issue you might have.

Structure of a Preview Meeting

Once the staff and participants are entering the virtual room they will see this screen:

Make sure everyone is able to turn on their microphone and camera and they can be seen and heard by everyone else.

Show them the microphone and camera icons at the top of the screen and let them try muting and unmuting themselves, turning on and off their camera:

Tip: If you have a large group of participants, make sure they all click on this button to enable a grid view of all the participants together (rather than separate pages):

Ask them all how they are feeling today, start a poll, and ask the participants to vote:

Then, introduce the chat to all of the participants:

Put up a file (a picture, slides, or a video) to get the familiar with the view:

Use the whiteboard and enable them all to draw by clicking on this icon in the participants' list:

Let them use the different tools in it so them feel comfortable:

Please adjust this structure to your specific program and include any other tools you want your participants to practice, such as screen sharing, breakout rooms, or quizzes.

Now that your participants are ready as well, good luck in your program!