Using Vendors to amplify your experience!

An example for a vendor found in our 'Fair' are Lost Tribe Esports.

Lost Tribe Esports is offering virtual camp environments in Minecraft. Campers and camp staff interact together in a fun, virtual camp environment — all without leaving their home. Campers’ avatars can virtually move about and explore the digital camp setting, take part in activities like boat racing and archery, and join their fellow campers for camp songs and other group events in the virtual camp amphitheater. 


These environments contain unlimited space around the central camp environment for camper Minecraft-mavens to show off their creativity, collaborating with fellow campers and camp staff to build anything their imaginations can come up with. 

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Camps get started by scheduling a 30-minute training session with Lost Tribe Esports staff, via the marketplace. Invite your camp staff to join the call, learn how to create and direct programming in the camp Minecraft server, and to pair events with a video call service (like Zoom) to engage their camps in a whole new way during the summer — and beyond.   

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